The Hot Printer 800 arrived, we are very pleased with this machine

Frances Grago – Bytime Enterprises. U.S.A.

We are in receipt of your new Hot Printer and could not be more pleased.

Your company produces a fine product and we could not imagine any person sending in a complaint

Lloyd A. Lonton –  Enterprises  USA

The Hot Printer is a very well engineered and skillfully designed machine.  It is attractive and simple to operate and suitable for domestic and industrial use.

Martim –  Afrique International  U.K.

I have used the printer for a couple of days now and am very pleased with the results thus far.

Raymond Miller – Univeral Traders  UK

I just received your Hot Printer Machine, which I am really satisfied of.

Gerard Petel, –  Monsieur Macaron Inc. Canada.

We were very pleased with your Hot Printer Machine 1000, and are using it fully.

R. Ashkenazi – Lilach Embroidery Ltd.  Israel

First of all I am very pleased to tell you that your equipment is of great success in Kazakastani market.

Ladlkar Ganiev – Canavan Joint Stock Company

Five months ago, I bought HP-800 from you. I am very happy because I found excellent Machine. Now I need another one

George Rapjic – Euronetwork  Switzerland

We would like to remind you that in 1994 our company purchased Hot Printer – 3000 with accessories and a small-size Hot Printer 800.  With pleasure we use these printers by now

Valentina Gylys – Baltijos Aras  Lithuania.

We have looked carefully at your machine and analyze it as a better machine than HOWARD or KINGSLEY

Diemasters,  Aklahoma, USA