Metal Types Sets

Lettering that is used in letterpress printing or hot stamping / foil blocking is called TYPE. Capital letters are called CAPS and small letters are called LOWER CASE.

A set of type contains more than just the alphabet.  Punctuation marks: figures or numerals, miscellaneous signs etc. are also included.  All these combine to make up what is called a Fount of type.


Main parts and size
a. face
b. body or shank
c. point size
1. shoulder
2. nick
3. groove
4. feet
  • These instructions are intended to aid anyone who is just a beginner when it comes to set Types
  • In order to achieve a printed impression from Types, individual letters must be set by hand into the words that are required to be printed.  The normal way of setting Types is to place each piece of Types into a Chase that holds the Types together.  The Chase is also referred to as a TYPE HOLDER.
  • The Types are set line by line in the same sequences as below shown.  This means you start with the first word in the first line and end with the last word of the last line.
  • Although it is the TYpes itself that actually makes the printed impression, the spaces at the ends of each line and those between words and/or letter must be filled up with SPACERS that do not actually show up as print.
  • 12 points Spacers should be used with 12 points Types, 14 points Spacers with 14 points Types etc.  When purchasing Types, purchase the Spacers to suit the Type Sets you are using.
  • Lead Rules are strip of metal that are used to increase the space between lines.  It will also prevent the next line from mixing with previously set Types.  These vary in thickness and are cut to various lengths.

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